Jan. 19th, 2010

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Ah... any time I feel guilty, like I have too many tiny things, I look at Re-ment Addicts on Flickr and think "These are my people. And they are awesome people. I do not have too many tiny things, I have an appropriate amount!"

On the other hand (of cleaning), I wish it were morally okay to just throw away CDs. I was an early adopter of CDs; we used the compact discs far before anyone else, when others were still futzing around with tapes. And I am so over them now. I don't have anything backed up -- I tried before I left for grad school, the files ended up corrupted, and I said "Forget this," -- but I really don't care. I have listened to a CD................. once? In the three or four years since I moved into this house. And I don't really care; I had a collection of MP3s that may be lost because I forgot to ever take them off my old desktop before giving it to my parents.

At this point, I will never, ever, ever care enough to attempt to re-burn all those stupid things.
If I wanted to listen to a song, I would

1. Listen to it on Last.fm or Youtube or similar streaming site
2. Pay the $.99 to re-download it on Amazon
3. Go without because I don't care that deeply

I mean, geez, MUSIC IS not MY LIFE and crap, but even B-sides and rarities and blah blah blah are mostly on Youtube, so.... hum.

Cory, it must be noted, listens to CDs daily. I might just take my binders and dump them unceremoniously in his shed. But I really kind of wish I could dump them into the trash can without feeling guilty.


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