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Milanoo Gothables Link list!

There are certainly more solid black choices on there, but I chose the ones I personally approved of, and included notes. They also offer footwear, but since they have a narrow range of sizes, it's really less relevant than Demonia.

General thoughts: The garments ordered are going to be approximations of the photos, not exact replicas. While I like raschel lace, I'd be mindful of the placement of lace and assume any bows will be less showy than the photos. If the back of the design is not shown, I'd made no assumption about it. My love of solid black helps here, as solid black (or white) looks elegant more easily. I also bear in mind problem fit areas -- for me, bust and biceps.

And remember, tailor's chalk washes out. :P


The dress I ordered - shirred front, pintucked hem

Black dress with sweetheart neckline
Black sleeveless dress with high collar and pintucks - I think this one could be unusual and cute. Raschel lace might well be the lace in the original picture, as a heavier lace wouldn't make a lot of sense.
Black strapless dress - Simple. This could be a great dress to wear with corsets.
Longsleeved black dress - I'd be slightly worried about the fit of the sleeves with this piece, since I have big arms, but I'd likely take the gamble.
Black dress with bows on the front and elaborate hem decoration - This would never work for me because of the bust detailing, but could be quite cute.
Longsleeved dress with red ribbons - I'd bear in mind the ribbons could be any shade of red or burgundy. I wouldn't order it because I don't like red, but it's a very gothy color.
Black batwinged dress with shirred front and tiered skirt - I'd actually order this because I have the exact same dress from Fanplusfriend, and I'd be curious to compare the differences. (I long since cannibalized my dress into different pieces, but you can see it here.)
Simple dress with bow - No lace.
Dress with pleated front and two bows - Possibly no lace.


Black jumper dress with pintucked front - Definitely going to be part of my next order.
Black jumper with shirred front and tiered skirt - I'd keep in mind the lace is highly unlikely to look exactly like the picture. (But again, I like raschel.) Of all the similar black jumpers, I would probably gamble on this one for the ornateness of it.

Black tucked jumper with buttons - Probably a faux button closure. (One would hope, at least.)
Simple black jumper with two bows, possible empire waist
Simple black jumper with two bows, full shirring
Simple black jumper with two bows, full shirring, pintucked hem
Black jumper with bust bow and tiered skirt - I'm unlikely to order this one because of all the stuff going on at the bust, and the extra lines of elastic, but this would probably be quite flattering on a smaller bust.
Black jumper with shirred front and pintucked hem
Steamy jumper - Runs the risk of being costumey, but hey, that's kind of the point!


Pintucked skirt - The skirt I ordered; the skirt I got is actually quite a bit different from the original picture, as it has a row of ruffling towards the top, but is actually cuter.

Scalloped edge skirt - Going in the next order.
Simple tiered skirt with lace at the seams - This is going in my next order. I like simple pieces.

Double layer, satin bow skirt - Remember the bows are satin! Even in the picture!
Pintucked skirt
Skirt with buttons and ruffled sides - I actually think is really dangerous and costume-y, but, you know, I imagine it's steamy enough to be worth the risk if you're into steam.
Faux corseted waist, tiered skirt
Bow on waistband, decorated hem skirt - This could be cute, or the shaping at the waist could look weird.
Lace detail skirt - Likely going into next order. Keep in mind it will be more ridiculous in person.
Tattered skirt in grey - I kind of love this. I'd probably attempt to specific a knee-length if I ordered it.
Tattered skirt in black
Layered skirt


Shirts are the thing I'd be least likely to order, simply because button-front blouses generally look miserable on busty girls, but.

Black short-sleeved shirt - No lace.
Longsleeved black blouse - Lace at edges.
Longsleeved black blouse - No lace.
Longsleeved black blouse with pintucked front - Possible lace at cuffs, probably a zipper back closure.
Square necked blouse - Lace at hems.
Black corset-back blouse - If I were to gamble on ordering a blouse, this would be the one, since the design looks close to how it would actually be constructed and you can see the back construction, so they won't have to guess on that aspect. Plus, it's just cute.
Batwinged edge blouse - Be mindful that there is a small chance the bottom edge would not be hemmed.
Black shrug - It's a shrug, so the fit should be less worrisome. However, the ruffle gives me pause.


Poofy petticoat
Regular petticoat
Simple black bloomers

Date: 2010-01-16 12:03 am (UTC)
ashbet: (LaBlueGirl)
From: [personal profile] ashbet
I really love this dress and I desperately want it to wear as a summer sundress!!

I think I'd fit into the XXL, but I'm not sure if the straps would be long enough . . . I'm long through the torso, so dresses can be tricky. I just worry that the straps look short in front, which would keep the bust darts from hitting me in the right spot . . . buh.


If you wind up doing another order, poke me? I'd be happy to piggyback on shipping!


-- A <3

Date: 2010-01-16 12:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really want that one -- most people who replicate that style just have it as a faux closure, which I hope, because otherwise it'd be dumb on me...

I think you would; that's what I ordered and I've got a ridiculously long torso, too. (I'm maniacal about getting tall sized tops/dressed, but it turns out I wear 30" inseam jeans. Dur! It must ALL be in my torso; I have dinky little legs.) I would maybe be more hesitant on the styles without any stretch in the bust, but I really HATE the feeling of chest-bindiness.

You'll notice I didn't pick any styles with weird bust shaping... I mean, they might well look awesome on other people, but I'm not going to recommend them. ;P

I'm definitely doing another order -- the question is simply when. Honestly, I kind of feel like I could get away with ordering everything in XXL, because hey, it could just be loose! But I was an XL once upon a time... I guess... (and my goal is to fit into my old Lippy dresses. If I have to do this, it might as well be worth my effort. I have some great crap in storage!) Siiiiiigh...

I definitely want a few jumpers (to wear as sundresses) and more skirts (to pair with teeshirts) for summer. Probably grab a pair of those cheap bloomers for underneath, instead of my usual boxers. ;)

Much cheaper to group order it, and then we'd have an excuse to meetup, too!

Date: 2010-01-16 12:29 am (UTC)
ashbet: (KissyFace)
From: [personal profile] ashbet
I love this plan!!! :D

And it looks like the back has stretch, so hopefully it would lie relatively smooth over the front and wouldn't bind over the bust. (That's assuming they replicate the original fairly faithfully.)

I have so much great stuff in storage -- but right now, I'm an XXL in new stuff and I just need to live with it, because my GI issues are making eating a real problem, and I can't work out until I can get it under control. Ugh. I'm kind of a wreck at the moment, although I make an elegant ornament for the couch!

So, yes! Group order! I love this plan! :)

-- A <3

Date: 2010-01-16 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
mmm... I like these. I may end up buying one or two when I have more money. I hope they'd fit my shoulders tho. >_<

Date: 2010-01-22 07:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have the broad shoulders, and the one I got seems fine -- I actually think they're assuming Westerners Are Giant, because I read a lot of complaints the garments were too tall-and-broad. Oh ho ho ho.


Ungungungugnugnug I can't buy clothes right now! But... so good.


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