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Jan. 22nd, 2010 01:25 pm
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So, since I'm slimming down (and yes -- already! go me!) I've decided I need to step it up with the moisturizing. I've known I should since my whole lovely surgical menopause kicked in; I made a vow to do so, but... I'm so very picky about lotion. I hate going from a clean shower to feeling sticky and stinky with some kind of cheap lotion. (I've even tried to love LUSH and Burt's Bees, but um, I think I prefer the nice synthetic ones that aren't mostly made out of olive oil, actually.)

I was going to cave and order some of Make Me Smooth's amazingly gentle Baby Fluff, but augh, they're closed for several months! Poo.

Looks like Olay's Quench -- unscented/sensitive skin -- gets good reviews, and I'll probably pick up some of their fancier eye cream because, well, I could use some help there.

I'm rather tempted to run out today and snag the lotion and use that as an excuse to go look for the Tim-Burton-Alice-in-Wonderland OPI nail polishes. But it's so grey and nasty and I've still got a bit of a cold, so I'll probably wait until it's nicer out.

Wooo -- long nails, eyecreams and diets! I feel like a real grown-up lady!
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