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Okay, I finally got off my butt and photographed some of this stuff. Please buy it; I hate selling.

What you see is what you get! As-is! I'm rough on my dolls, so I try to price cheaply so people don't complain. (Although people will always complain.) Prices don't include shipping, although it's negotiable! (In general, $3 for clothes or small things, $10 for as many dolls as you want, and probably like $30 if you're outside of the US because life is tough like that.) Every purchase will come with FREE RANDOM PULLIP CRAP! Bonus!

Assorted Cosmic Pullip (Mercu + Jupi) stock bits. $10

Rovam stock bits. $5

Lan stock bits. $8

Wolf stock bits. $5

Serpent! Comes with stock boots in addition to the snazzy ones he's currently wearing. Slight yellowing. $90.

Dark-toned Blythe, stock eyechips and eyemakeup, looks like, although lips were repainted by a former owner. No scalp -- perfect for a nice Coolcat scalp, although I'll throw in a Mme Rosebud scalp and some Blythe wigs! Hey, hey! $50

Awesome, awesome NBX custom. Comes with little Sally buddy. I paid $250 -- faceup and hair exactly as I got her, and I added hairbows and BEgoth shoes. $150.

Another Queen plus stock bits, including some Another King stock. HER ARM SNAPPED OFF and is currently taped on, although I always meant to repair her with some plastic glue -- the break is clean. I'll include her wig, which is pristine in a bag, if I can find it. SOLD

Nomado HEAD. (Her torso is attached but limbless, la la la.) She has two melts on her forehead. Her scalp is pristine in bag. $20

Plastic Noodles custom doll, originally called "Chessie." Neat handmade wig, piercings. Includes some steamy stock bits. $75

Plastic Noodles custom doll. Includes VERY SOFT and pretty cotton candy wig (that was $30+ship) which perfectly matches her lashes. Really gorgeous doll! $75

DGR custom ganguro head, Nahhato originally. So cute and funky, but I have no supplies anymore. Includes custom Kstarr wig (that was $25+ship). I can throw in some petite GAL dolls if you're into the style. SOLD

Nero doll. Some staining on her torso and yellowing of her face and eyechips -- no idea why. Includes stock dress. $50

Assortment of Little Pullips. $10

Like I said, shipping is negotiable. (Pretty obvious, if you're buying a lot of stuff, I'd be happy to kick in for it, but shipping some of the small stuff individually would cost more than I'm asking.) In fact, ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! MAKE ME OFFERS! EVERYTHING MUST GO!

I'd even be open for trades for non-big-headed type doll stuff, miniatures, or general crafty goods, etc.


I'm going to give this a while on my f-list before opening it up to the unwashed masses general public. Because. I hate selling. Please take this crap.

And for the non-dolly people, here's a picture of a chihuahua yawning:

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