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I'm pretty sure my garden eventually needs a giant aluminum carousel rooster.

He'll match the flamingos!
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Darklings -- are there any gothic fashion communities that are actually active?

Not, you know, lolita or steamy ones. Just regular old "probably get the Sisters of Mercy reference" type goth ones, but with posting and stuff. (I'd imagine some incarnation of a.f.g. or something exists, but I don't know if it would all be ancient in-jokes or something now. Not that I mind those, but.)

I feel somewhat vindicated in terms of home decor! As much as I enjoy Rococo touches (and exceedingly foppish menswear), we all know that my tastes in decorating run to the ultra-modern, with severe contrast: black and white with a few dashes of bold color. I love the baroque-modern mashup that has been going on, but do not worry too much about my trends dying, as IKEA will stand by me forever. So... goth, but a very easy to clean, brightly visible living space. But, you know, lots of black.

Recently on HGTV's The Unsellables, there was an adooooorable goffy couple with, basically, my ultra-modern dream home. They had to re-stage it in a more neutral/toned down style to sell it, blah blah blah, but NO ONE in the episode said their existing style was anything but beautiful... just too stark for the suburbs. (Their house address number was 69, too; I picked up on that, but the host of the show, sensibly, did not draw attention to that. Ha!) Such a beautiful home! I only wish I could see the interiors of their new home... particularly since Domino folded -- but black and white work, and work for spooky kids; I am apparently not alone in my proclivities.

So yes! Hooray for modern! Hooray for IKEA! FOREVER. Hooray!

Although if steamy Victoriana is more your style, check out Neckbolt Industries, my friend's new steampunk decor blog/diary. If only everyone did steam like that, I'd be a lot warmer to it!

(Get it? Warmer? Steam? AHAHAHAHAHAH.)

I'd still insist on ebonizing my floors, paperless offices and high contrast, mind you, but I can admire a nice ornate desk as well as the next girl.


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