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Otakon 2009-66
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Ha! Someone took a picture of them TOGETHER!
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Back from Otakon. It was actually far more fun than I was expecting; it was quite fun. Although... it honestly confirmed a lot of my suspicions that I am, in fact, rather old and lame. I didn't get ANY of the costumes -- cosplay is pretty darn interpretive, and I am old and lame.

"It's Splinter from Ninja Turtles!"
"Uh... no, M. That's a Bleach character."

"Is Insane Clown Posse still that popular?"
"How the heck have you not encountered Death Note? That's the demon from Death Note."
"Looks like a Juggalo to me."

"It's David the Gnome!"
"... what is wrong with you?"

I did, however, find both Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. YEAH!

(Who knows all the words to the theme song? Who had a Rockapella CD when she was younger? Yeah, that's right! She put in the "miss" in "misdemeanor"!)

And I saw one hot Lum, so it was a rewarding con experience. But no Felicia! Wah! FELICIA IS MY FAVORITE COSPLAY EVER. You would think it would be Morrigan, but no, it's Felicia. She is the ultimate catgirl. I bought kitty ears and wore them as a form of personal rebellion -- not to be immodest, but I can rock kitty ears. There are a zillion girls wearing cat ears, but a lot of people just sort of slap them on their head and they don't really work -- if you follow me, most girls wearing cat ears are not meant to be cat-girls, but are meant to be the shy, glasses-wearing magic user.

I am meant to be a cat-girl. Or a witch. Or possibly a cat-girl witch. With lots of HP. (Which doesn't mean you don't take a lot of damage, it just means you CAN take a lot of damage. The boobs absorb the damage.)

Ultimately, though, this is the crowd my little brother will hang out with when he's grown -- not quite my crowd. I'm too old and lame and more of a comic/sci-fi/toy geek. (What's the point of a con without EXCLUSIVE ACTION FIGURES?!) We did find the only group of Marvel cosplayers, who probably wished they were at SDCC and heartily encouraged Cory to dress as Thor sometime. And Captain America had a nice butt. In a spandex bodysuit, that's saying something. He was a credit to his country.
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It occurs to me that I could just wear my usual clothes, makeup, and hair, and tell people I'm cosplaying as Bellatrix Lestrange...


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