Jun. 9th, 2009

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I was sitting around with my amazingly amazing dollhouse purse at the meetup, and a friend came up and went, "Oh, it's the real one! I'm glad it's not the replica."

"Eh?" I inquired, being fairly out of the loop with most things. "They made a replica? What does it look like?"

"Exactly the same, only without 'Innocent World' stitched across the door."

And that that moment, loves, I... I've thought about buying myself a replica. You KNOW how I feel about art/design theft -- or you ought to -- but as I own the original... well, I've thought about sharpie-ing over the embroidery, because I don't really like brand names showing. Actually, I wished I could pick it out and embroider "MMY" on it, instead. I've a thing for monogrammed/personalized accessories.

There are some exceptions to this, as I still have a few band tee shirts and I'm ridiculously excited to get my Gothic Beauty tank top. (But even that's a bit of a double meaning, no? Labeling the wearer as a Gothic Beauty? What I'm wearing to the NEXT meetup, let me tell you...)

I'd read a while ago that Martha Stewart sharpies the soles of her Christian Louboutins black, since she doesn't like the red soles. I thought this was the most authentic thing -- the world is full of people who would decry "ruining the precious shoes" or something (indeed, as the author of the article does), but Martha both supported a designer she likes -- paid the money for the design -- but is comfortable enough with her likes and style to turn it into a piece she wants to wear.

In other words, she wears the shoes; the shoes don't wear her.

I love good design, but my clothes are mine; they are not religious objects. Excuse me, I have to go dye some expensive lace black...


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:04 pm
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I am out of eyeliner! Well, the GOOD kind, not the smudgy-smudgy kohl that turns me into a panda. Well, and I still have the gel, but that's a bit intense for everyday. But...

C'mon, MAC; now would be a good time for a free shipping promotion. Oooo, but look at that cute little bag, and -- no! Just eyeliner! Darn it!

(I love Aromaleigh's powder-based products something fierce, and their Brown Faux brushes blow everything else away... but I can't say that anything beats MAC in terms of eyeliner and lip product yet. "O" and Oversexed are pretty much all I actually wear.)


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