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Hooray for the power of the internet to make me not bored!

I spent most of the evening chatting with some of my favorite ladies, which would be awesome in and of itself, but in the process I was introduced to Regretsy. (Which no one bothered to tell me about until now, assuming, I'm sure, I must have already seen it, what with all my Etsy-linking.) And, er, I discovered that I may have favorited many of the early products, and/or bought from the sellers. In short: I do far too many searches on taxidermy.

Perhaps the most epic thing of the entire night is this.

Oh, internet. Time and time again, I think that I have become immune to your splendor; I think I can no longer be shocked and amazed by your glories. And every time I am proven wrong.

i no rite?
so hip so edgy
lack of grammar
and also makeup
means i am artist

Now, given, I'm sure Rosie here is full of artistic grrl sentiment; it all seems very authentic despite her fame and fortune. And in some ways, because of it: take, for example, this piece, where she buys the original cartoons mocking her and glitter-glues all over them. And then uses a stamp from, I assume, her ex, oh no, the boundary between public and private is all transgressed...

The thing one must remember is that I have no compunction mocking Authentically Earnest Artists. I mock them most of all.

Phft, what am I saying? Of COURSE she's a great artist. After all, she Sharpies on Munnys, which is something all hip artists do!
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