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Shoes and Pets
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Prettttttty sure I will actually physically die if I don't obtain these particular toys. Soon.
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Oh man. My resolve is weakening. Bone Walker may be the cutest thing ever.

Kinda reminds me of Chloe, actually.
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I don't think Buy Nothing should include buying stuff from your friends who've launched TOTALLY AWESOME GINGHAM DRESSES, don't you agree?

Ginghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... <3
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How does going to bed one hour earlier equal waking up in the middle of the night?

(This often happens, and why I generally force myself to stay awake until Official Bedtime, because despite being soooooooo tirreeeeeeeeeeed... I guess my body treats this as a nap. Buh.)

I had coupons, so I bought gardening stuff. SO MUCH gardening stuff. And still managed to forget potting soil. I will have the most beautiful garden ever! Or at least in my neighborhood; great lawns, but no flower gardens. Strange.

Kind of willfully not thinking about all the prepwork I need to do before the contractor... stuff. (Bathroom remodel! EEEEEEEEEeee.) Also I do not have a living room floor, as my cousin offered to rip up the parquet one day -- which was awesome, although in hindsight, I probably should've waited until after these other projects were done. I feel fibro-good right now because of the warm weather, but uh, only so good.

Time to pretend to sleep again!
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Man... I kind of miss my Bouquet Pullip. I kept all of my Type 1s, except for her. (My original is so banged up she's not recognizable anymore. :P) I think she's the only one I actually miss.

No one has an old one they want to get rid of, eh?
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Okay, I finally got off my butt and photographed some of this stuff. Please buy it; I hate selling.


And for the non-dolly people, here's a picture of a chihuahua yawning:

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Is this cannibalism?
Originally uploaded by Mmy Moon

A chihuahua messin' stuff up.
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Fudge Snickers are amazing.

So are the new chocolate covered individual Peeps...

A trip to the store might be in order, later.

I wouldn't want to starve to death in the snow.
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Hooray for the power of the internet to make me not bored!

I spent most of the evening chatting with some of my favorite ladies, which would be awesome in and of itself, but in the process I was introduced to Regretsy. (Which no one bothered to tell me about until now, assuming, I'm sure, I must have already seen it, what with all my Etsy-linking.) And, er, I discovered that I may have favorited many of the early products, and/or bought from the sellers. In short: I do far too many searches on taxidermy.

Perhaps the most epic thing of the entire night is this.

Oh, internet. Time and time again, I think that I have become immune to your splendor; I think I can no longer be shocked and amazed by your glories. And every time I am proven wrong.

i no rite?
so hip so edgy
lack of grammar
and also makeup
means i am artist

Now, given, I'm sure Rosie here is full of artistic grrl sentiment; it all seems very authentic despite her fame and fortune. And in some ways, because of it: take, for example, this piece, where she buys the original cartoons mocking her and glitter-glues all over them. And then uses a stamp from, I assume, her ex, oh no, the boundary between public and private is all transgressed...

The thing one must remember is that I have no compunction mocking Authentically Earnest Artists. I mock them most of all.

Phft, what am I saying? Of COURSE she's a great artist. After all, she Sharpies on Munnys, which is something all hip artists do!


Feb. 9th, 2010 02:43 pm
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I haven't wanted a Pullip in ages -- I sort-of liked those Angelic Pretty ones, but they didn't seem all that interesting, and pastels aren't really my thing. I also rather liked the My Melody Pullip, but not quite enough to pay money for her, as she seems pretty similar to lots of dolls I have already.(And besides, I could always get her later.)



Dal x Hellcatpunks Phoebe. So ANGRY AND PINK!

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Would you all like to see the most tragic gravy boat ever?

Yes... you would.

The Gravy Boat of Despair.

And you cannot have it, alas, for it mine now. I may share it with my father; we share a love of disturbing tableware.


Feb. 8th, 2010 08:18 pm
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I'm growing less and less sentimental with each passing day that I'm snowed in -- the only way to broaden my horizons is to throw most of them away.

(Don't worry, I've got my green-homeschool brainwashing firmly implanted. I've barely even thrown out any recyclables. Ceramics, I've been a bit harsher with.)

How did I end up with three whisks?
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So hey guys! I'm going to be remodeling my bathroom. It's the last part of my house that sucks!

Who wants to help me mull things over?

My bathroom is one of those tiny ones with a shower/bath combo stall against one wall, then a potty, sink, and the door. Itsy bitsy. Not quite this tiny, but... almost.

I'm thinking this black shower pan -- black fiberglass won't, hopefully, show my pink dye. And then solid surface mirrors as the tile/walls around it... I can't find many images of mirrored showers, but dang, why DON'T people use mirrors as tile more often? Not only would it resist staining (as ceramic tile does with hair dye, actually) but it would make my tiny space look bigger. And I'm always complaining I don't have a full-length mirror. And it's pretty inexpensive... yeah, I'm psyched.

For the floor, black hex tile. (Uh, more plain ceramic than those fancy ones, but that's the only reference I can find at the moment.) The black shower floor should visually flow into the regular floor...

White regular walls. (Tiling them would probably be more hassle than it's worth.) I was going to go with white toilet/sink, but now I'm not so sure... black pedestal and black toilet might be cute. I'd think it would resist staining, and, since it would blend into the floor visually, make the space look bigger.

Either way, I'm dead set on a motion sensor faucet. (Yaaay, no grimy handles! It's not a germ-phobia thing, I swear. It's a texture thing.)


Not sure what to do about shelves -- probably something like these glass shelves. (One longer one with two shorter off-set ones for differing storage?)

I keep thinking I'm going for this sort of black-and-white retro mod look, but in reality, I tend to make uber-modern choices. (Happened in my kitchen, too; we went with a pine laminate wood instead of the kitschy black-and-white-checkerboard. I like both, but I definitely think less visual noise has been a good choice. Again, small space.) Sleeeeeeeek.

Oh my gosh, I will be so excited if I have a decent bathroom.

Skin deep

Jan. 22nd, 2010 01:25 pm
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So, since I'm slimming down (and yes -- already! go me!) I've decided I need to step it up with the moisturizing. I've known I should since my whole lovely surgical menopause kicked in; I made a vow to do so, but... I'm so very picky about lotion. I hate going from a clean shower to feeling sticky and stinky with some kind of cheap lotion. (I've even tried to love LUSH and Burt's Bees, but um, I think I prefer the nice synthetic ones that aren't mostly made out of olive oil, actually.)

I was going to cave and order some of Make Me Smooth's amazingly gentle Baby Fluff, but augh, they're closed for several months! Poo.

Looks like Olay's Quench -- unscented/sensitive skin -- gets good reviews, and I'll probably pick up some of their fancier eye cream because, well, I could use some help there.

I'm rather tempted to run out today and snag the lotion and use that as an excuse to go look for the Tim-Burton-Alice-in-Wonderland OPI nail polishes. But it's so grey and nasty and I've still got a bit of a cold, so I'll probably wait until it's nicer out.

Wooo -- long nails, eyecreams and diets! I feel like a real grown-up lady!
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Ah... any time I feel guilty, like I have too many tiny things, I look at Re-ment Addicts on Flickr and think "These are my people. And they are awesome people. I do not have too many tiny things, I have an appropriate amount!"

On the other hand (of cleaning), I wish it were morally okay to just throw away CDs. I was an early adopter of CDs; we used the compact discs far before anyone else, when others were still futzing around with tapes. And I am so over them now. I don't have anything backed up -- I tried before I left for grad school, the files ended up corrupted, and I said "Forget this," -- but I really don't care. I have listened to a CD................. once? In the three or four years since I moved into this house. And I don't really care; I had a collection of MP3s that may be lost because I forgot to ever take them off my old desktop before giving it to my parents.

At this point, I will never, ever, ever care enough to attempt to re-burn all those stupid things.
If I wanted to listen to a song, I would

1. Listen to it on or Youtube or similar streaming site
2. Pay the $.99 to re-download it on Amazon
3. Go without because I don't care that deeply

I mean, geez, MUSIC IS not MY LIFE and crap, but even B-sides and rarities and blah blah blah are mostly on Youtube, so.... hum.

Cory, it must be noted, listens to CDs daily. I might just take my binders and dump them unceremoniously in his shed. But I really kind of wish I could dump them into the trash can without feeling guilty.
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Okay, I must confess: I love modern design. The baroque-modern fusion makes my heart flutter because it's monochrome, but actual baroque is too much for me. I like clean lines, polished surfaces, and limited color palettes. Not even mid-century; I love modern modern.

So I pretty much abhor deco.
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Milanoo Gothables Link list!

There are certainly more solid black choices on there, but I chose the ones I personally approved of, and included notes. They also offer footwear, but since they have a narrow range of sizes, it's really less relevant than Demonia.

Clicky! )


Jan. 15th, 2010 01:28 pm
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So, after reading a spate of negative reviews of, I... placed an order with them. And I'm delighted.

Wholesale Disclaimer: Some people are shocked by the idea of ordering from Chinese wholesalers. If you're honestly the type of person who only buys thrifted or American-made items (I know a few people who do), then I laud your moral willpower. However, most people gleefully shop at Target, but act shocked by the idea of buying from China. Um...

Design Disclaimer: The site replicates designs; it does an approximation of others' designs from photos. That is, for me, morally-artistically grey, if not downright bad. However, at this point, there are few companies who don't (coughcoughLipServicecoughcough) and I am, as a tall 2X, really sick of not having any clothes to wear. (My experience with commissions has been dreadful at best.) If you take an ethical issue on this front, I can only humbly agree that I am morally failing here due to my utter fashion exhaustion.

Gothic Disclaimer: Please remember, I am goth. I enjoy lolita influences, but goth. Goth goth goth.



And now, I must go and bask in my pink-haired black frilliness.
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So I've been looking at pictures of Helena Bonham Carter to convince myself I'll look okay thin. I mean, really -- deep-set eyes with dark circles, brunette snakes for hair, dresses messily, like she pulled her clothes from a big pile but they're all frilly and black so it's okay -- that's exactly me, isn't it?

Helena has a pair of signature weird mary janes I've admired, and apparently, they're comfort shoes. Article and photo here -- check out her cute outfit! Squee! They're comfort shoes, they go up to 11s, and apparently there's a dealer in Northern Virginia, not far from where my friend Viv lives.

Um.... I think the gods of slovenly black fashion are trying to tell me something.


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