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I was sitting around with my amazingly amazing dollhouse purse at the meetup, and a friend came up and went, "Oh, it's the real one! I'm glad it's not the replica."

"Eh?" I inquired, being fairly out of the loop with most things. "They made a replica? What does it look like?"

"Exactly the same, only without 'Innocent World' stitched across the door."

And that that moment, loves, I... I've thought about buying myself a replica. You KNOW how I feel about art/design theft -- or you ought to -- but as I own the original... well, I've thought about sharpie-ing over the embroidery, because I don't really like brand names showing. Actually, I wished I could pick it out and embroider "MMY" on it, instead. I've a thing for monogrammed/personalized accessories.

There are some exceptions to this, as I still have a few band tee shirts and I'm ridiculously excited to get my Gothic Beauty tank top. (But even that's a bit of a double meaning, no? Labeling the wearer as a Gothic Beauty? What I'm wearing to the NEXT meetup, let me tell you...)

I'd read a while ago that Martha Stewart sharpies the soles of her Christian Louboutins black, since she doesn't like the red soles. I thought this was the most authentic thing -- the world is full of people who would decry "ruining the precious shoes" or something (indeed, as the author of the article does), but Martha both supported a designer she likes -- paid the money for the design -- but is comfortable enough with her likes and style to turn it into a piece she wants to wear.

In other words, she wears the shoes; the shoes don't wear her.

I love good design, but my clothes are mine; they are not religious objects. Excuse me, I have to go dye some expensive lace black...
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I've been trying to fall asleep for hours -- I'm exhausted from the Lolita Day meetup on Saturday -- but my stomach hurts so hey! Pictures from said day!


Tori is such an awesome photographer. That's my favorite picture of me with my current incarnation of hair. (I could not be bothered to stand up for pictures once I sat down. Fibro loli sits down a lot!)

That's from the art gallery. OH MAN PAUL GAUGUIN, I TRY BUT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND

P1010117 P1010081

From the Natural History Museum. I'm so goth...


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