Jul. 15th, 2009 12:12 am
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New Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita lipcolors! I need to start carrying the ones I have around, though, since I don't think I'll ever use these up before they get old. That's the problem with lip products. Really, unless you stick your fingers in them or lick them or something, pigments last forever, and liner/mascara really just comes in black and it's not so expensive to replace it often. But lip colors come in so many tempting colors... and I haaaaaaate the taste of old lipstick. Blegh. (Don't know that lipgloss really turns; I had some Bonne Belle practically from my mother's childhood.) I'm fairly picky about lip product flavours; Too Faced product is pretty, but it has this really off-putting (to me) fake-cream taste.


Jun. 9th, 2009 02:04 pm
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I am out of eyeliner! Well, the GOOD kind, not the smudgy-smudgy kohl that turns me into a panda. Well, and I still have the gel, but that's a bit intense for everyday. But...

C'mon, MAC; now would be a good time for a free shipping promotion. Oooo, but look at that cute little bag, and -- no! Just eyeliner! Darn it!

(I love Aromaleigh's powder-based products something fierce, and their Brown Faux brushes blow everything else away... but I can't say that anything beats MAC in terms of eyeliner and lip product yet. "O" and Oversexed are pretty much all I actually wear.)


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