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I have come across not one, but TWO strange beverage-related instances today!

Item the First:
Bigelow Tea "Calm-a-Sutra" Scholarship

I'm turning into an old lady prude, but I find there something... inherently unnerving combining the words "scholarship" with ANY version of Kama Sutra, even a supposedly clever pun/play on words that has nothing to do with, you know, graphic sexual positions. I mean, it could be an adult scholarship, but still... it kind of gives me the creeps...

Oh well, at least most of their teas are gluten free... wait, what? (Thank god I'm really not very fond of flavored teas, so I won't be too sad to miss "Thanksgiving Stuffing Spice" limited edition tea.)

Item the Second:
Dungeons and Dragons Jones Soda

And I continue to be a bad mean not-cool-enough geek, because all I think when I see the D&D Jones Soda is "Hmph, we're COOL OLD-SCHOOL geeks, not like those MTN DEW drinking WoW-tie-in losers. We have handmade artisan sodas that taste like pretension and social isolation. We drink them while playing ON A TABLE-TOP."

Amusing Aside:
Does... anyone know which "side" of Mountain Dew won? (I doubt they'll actually announce anything, like all promotional "competitions" that ultimately end in stalemate.) Not that I'm biased or anything -- FOR THE HORDE -- but quite frankly, that red-orange Horde stuff was delicious and wonderful, while the nasty blue Alliance stuff...


Let's just say that if you have to throw up after drinking Blue Mountain Dew, it's a rather inhuman experience.


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SO I have the cutest idea for a children's book series:

A little mummy who is claustrophobic, and his friends: the vampire who is afraid of the dark, and the witch who is afraid of heights!

The wolfboy is afraid of haircuts, and the Swamp Thingie is afraid of taking a bath. The baby zombie eats only Captain Crunch for breakfast, despite his mother's protests. The bitty Yeti hates to be alone. The little tiny devil refuses to take his violin lessons!

The skeleton is a story for slightly older readers (the lucrative YA market) because, you see, the skeleton thinks he is fat.

"But what," Cory asked, "Would be the ghost's problem?"

"He... um... he's... afraid... of... OH WAIT, it's so obvious. He's BOO-limic!"


"He re-GHOUL-itates his food!"

... It should also be noted that when Cory was getting ready to leave for work today, I apparently told him I had something urgent to tell him -- and then gestured hand-scrabbling at the air, pronounced "OCTOPUS MAIDEN," and fell back asleep. I may or may not have been having a dream about Geordi LaForge teaching me to ballroom dance at the time, so I'm not really sure why the Octopus Maiden was important, but I remember that she was!
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1. Budgeting
2. Embracing your mammalian heritage

... so what I'm saying is... SAVE, DON'T SHAVE.

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA -- ahem. I think I need to sleep now. I owe people like a billionty emails in the morning, since I'm apparently feeling quasi-literate again.


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