Jan. 5th, 2010

Toy Post!

Jan. 5th, 2010 01:06 pm
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Happy Birthday to me!

(Facebook must announce your birthday to people, because there's no way everyone would know otherwise. Making me sort of feel guilty because I'm crap at checking stuff, so I forget most people's birthdays. Mine is the day before Epiphany, so it's easy, uh, right?)

SO I AM THINKING ABOUT TOYS. I'm all set to find freelance work and lose weight in this upcoming year, but... uh... bizarrely enough, I generally don't stress over things like that.

(I'm okay with applying to things constantly, because rejection doesn't really bother me, and the weight thing, um, well, mostly I'm trying to motivate myself to care enough due to the medical aspect. Because I am the only female who really thinks she's cuter when she's chubby and doesn't have much motivation to be skinny for skinny's sake. I guess maybe clothes shopping would be easier, but eh, not much until I lose a lot of weight.)


I have all kinds of goals there. I've mostly culled/set aside the extra doll stuff, so the things on display are my cool beloved toys. The designer plush is taunting me a bit on how to best display it. (Or just throw it on the bed/let it get a little beaten up but oh well?)

I have this gorgeous miniature bakery set up -- I mean, I should photograph it; it's really perfect -- but... I... see, the thing is, I'm gluten-free now... and... somehow I care less than I used to about miniature cakes.


I don't really want to put them in storage because it took me so long to arrange the display, but maybe I could pack them up with lots of tissue paper already displayed. Or put the bakery in Cory's action figure shed; minimate Chef Duff kind of goes with the Marvel Minimates anyway, right? Spider-man wants to eat a delicious cake!

We really need a second shed just for dioramas.

A miniature garden is really tempting, too. I've made them before, but I'm wondering if I could find a big-ish glass greenhouse, fill it with moss... we saw the most spectacular, HUGE 8' square mini-garden at this garden center; it was so neat. If I could figure out perennial plants for it, we certainly have the room to do that outdoors, here.

So that... I'm in love with my witch house, which I will photograph... someday... I reaaaaaaallllllllllllly need to find someone who does custom 1/6th clothes to make me two outfits. (Or force myself to make them, but uunghghg. I even had commissioned these already, but the person flaked out.) Also debating getting my Unoa Light (Sekiguchi) customized. Hm.

I really want to make more miniatures this year; I enjoy it so much. Maybe put sets/assemblages on Etsy -- not to make money, but because I feel like I have a lot of extra cute minis I should pass on/I really like putting together theme sets. I want to needlefelt a set of black cats (shorthaired, longhaired, persian, black-and-orange-tabby, etc.) and make some mini macarons and magic wands AND STUFF. And actually photograph Witch World.

And also put little tophats on Chloe and take pictures.


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